First steps of “Cultivating Women”, GBM’s project to help strengthen the Nueva Esperanza Cooperative

The Nueva Esperanza Cooperative began to use the inputs provided by GBM within the framework of the “Cultivating Women” project.

The Nueva Esperanza Cooperative is an agro-ecological and sustainable project for the production of different products carried out by a group of women from Paraje Gentile, San Pedro, Misiones. These entrepreneurs work in the production of vinegars, liqueurs and seasonings from wild fruits native to the Paraná rainforest that they grow themselves or that they collect from the bush: caraguatá, jaracatiá, jaboticaba, pitanga, guabiroba, among others.

Recently, GBM’s Community Relations Area launched the “Cultivating Women” project with the cooperative in order to generate links to strengthen the cooperative in terms of production, trade and social capital.

Through a dialogue with representatives of the cooperative, it was possible to generate a transfer of inputs and machinery that the cooperative needed to improve production. The cooperative has already installed and started using the inputs.

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