Two organizations focused on the care and preservation of the environment signed a bilateral cooperation agreement

During the meeting, GBM executives and their counterparts from the Fundación la Tierra de Nuestro Hijos, signed a cooperation agreement that will allow them, thanks to research in the GS1 Reserve, to address environmental problems and work on possible solutions. Likewise, develop promotional initiatives to spread the activities.

The Fundación la Tierra de Nuestros Hijos promotes sustainable development by researching and addressing environmental problems.

The said organization’s main objective is Earth’s protection, its biodiversity, the sustainable use of natural resources and, is committed to preserving ecosystems by promoting sustainable development and ecological growth.

The actions of this Foundation are situated, in a context that aims to incorporate the analysis of the ecological and environmental profile as a necessary parameter of consideration in all productive, business, manufacturing, commercial, logistics or construction management, as a necessary condition for the continuity of the project.

GBM and the Fundación la Tierra de Nuestros Hijos have signed a cooperation agreement for the investigation of chemical processes that take place in the global environment, or any of its parts – soil, rivers, lakes, oceans and atmosphere – and the impact of human activities on the environment.

The organization will explore the property that belongs to the first stage of the GBM project (GS1 Reserve). The findings will be mutually worked on, and new ways of managing natural resources more effectively will be sought.

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