Public Consultation GBM-GS1. Local communities and the GBM project.

On 11/26 2021, Public Consultation on the project GBM-GS1 was carried out in the community room in Cruce Caballero. The aim was to inform local communities and to answer questions on the topic.

Public consultation is a democratic and participative tool to inform the people on what the project is about, who will be in charge; and which are the benefits and the risks for the people. 

The people who inhabit the area influenced by the GBM project live in a situation of vulnerability. This makes it imperative to have a public consultation with a participative design in order to plan, execute and monitor the projects that will improve the lifestyle of the people in the area influenced by the project.

To that effect, the people were informed of the Public Consultation by different means: “face to face”, by radio, by provincial newspaper, posters on the shops and communal spaces and WhatsApp chain messages. It took place on November 26th, 2021, with the following parties involved: 1. Recreation, Culture and Sports Commission of Cruce Caballero. 2. Evangelical Church of the Town 3. Provincial School of Technical Education N°31 (Spanish acronym EPET) of Cruce Caballero 4. Provincial School N°482 (Spanish acronym EP) of Cruce Caballero. 5. Cooperative La Nueva Esperanza 6. Cooperative Nuevo Arco Iris LTDA 7. Neighbors of Cruce Caballero, Paraje Piñeiro, Paraje Gentile, Paraje Alegria and Tobuna. 

In the Public Consultation, we talked about GBM, its projects, the benefits and risks for the people; we answered questions, we accepted suggestions, we carried out a gender workshop and, lastly, we determined the HCV (High Conservation Value) through a participative technique. 

Full audio of the Public Consultation 11/26/2021

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