On 3/31/2022 the art exhibition “Art + Life Exhibition” was held at Espacio Bitcoin Cultural Centre

GBM organized a Networking day while the guests tasted some delicious cocktails and had the opportunity to enjoy a series of immersive and technological activities such as NFT experiences, Augmented Reality, Full-Stack developments and cutting-edge environmental technologies on Blockchain.

Art expressions focused on Social Inclusion were also experienced.

The event also featured a board of discussion integrated by an interdisciplinary panel:

• Pablo Gutiérrez Zaldívar (Bitcoin Cultural Center Space)

• Ignacio Gutierrez Zaldivar (Zurbarán)

• Mburuvicha Sebastian Benitez (Tekoa Alecrin)

• Juan Durañona and Vedia (GBM)

• Brian Joel Mayhua López (Barrio Mujica Artist)

• Nicolas Verderosa (Kephi Gallery)

• Rodolfo Andragnes (President Bitcoin NGO Argentina)

• Pablo Gallardo (GBM)

• Luis Cambiasso and Patricia Villarreal (Zewan)

• Juan Nunez (GBM)

• Agustin Pandolfini (IOV LABS)

Renowned journalists and influencers from the world of fintech and ecological activism attended the exhibition.

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