GBM makes progress in bonding ties with the local community of Misiones

Sports, youth, and the local community as the pillars of the jointly work.

On February 21st, members of the GBM Community Relations Department held a meeting with the current authorities of the “Sports, Cultural and Recreational Commission” of Cruce Caballero.

The meeting was held in the Community Room where the Commission frequently carries out several activities targeting young people from the local and surrounding community.

The Commission’s authorities described in detail the functioning and composition of the Commission and highlighted the main goal that made this community space emerge: supporting young people and generating greater local identity in the community.

The local women’s soccer league is one of the main initiatives that has been developed lately. This league succeeded in arriving at a final match open to the community with an awards ceremony.

Additionally, the Commission is currently promoting volleyball and different disciplines workshops.

Aligned with GBM’s corporate culture, was expressed the interest that the company shows in this kind of action and, the idea of ​​jointly generating various activities aimed at young people from an environmental perspective was reinforced. 


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