GreenBond Meter Coin: the coin backed by Natural Capital that seeks to reduce the Carbon Footprint

This joint venture extends to the financial market, an unprecedented disruptive solution for all those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

The GreenBond Meter initiative arises from the strategic alliance of three companies, Heimdall Technologies OÜ (Estonia), Nideport S.A. (Uruguay) and already has an interdisciplinary team made up of more than 50 people from different countries, experts in technology and finance, among other specialties.

This joint venture extends to the financial market, an unprecedented disruptive solution for all those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

GBM developed an innovative technological system that allows the user to remotely monitor each parcel of the protected property in the Paraná jungle from their laptop or smartphone. In this way at any place and at any time, it is possible to follow the evolution of the initiative, walk behind the progress of the formation of the GBM Bono, check that the selected square meters are which were meant and access to detailed information about the property, news and much more.

The project began in Misiones, where 25,000 hectares are already in the recovery process. GBM plans to expand in ten areas on five continents to complete 1 million hectares. The objective of this initiative goes hand in hand with the goals set at the Climate Change Conferences (COPs). Reducing the carbon footprint and reversing global warming is possible by protecting and planting more trees that absorb surplus CO2 in the atmosphere to counteract the greenhouse effect.

GBM’s commitment is not only limited to the environment but also interested in the local community, giving back to the native peoples of this territory the care and respect they deserve. The re-financing of this project will collaborate with the development of these communities by improving local conditions and new jobs.

The process is simple, each user who acquires a GBM token will be protecting 1m2 of native forests or jungle. The first issue of GBM Coin was launched for sale at the value of US $ 1.09 = 1m2 of virgin land in the Paraná jungle (Misiones, Argentina). 

The possession of this cryptocurrency does not imply any real right of ownership, possession or use over the portion of the preserved land, but rather confers the right to demand compliance with its preservation and not exploitation of it.

The difference with other initiatives is that GBM coin is based on a real, tangible, measurable and observable financial support, each token has the backing of the natural capital of the property. The GBM buyer in this way becomes an overseer of the acquired virgin land. Each GBM user will be able to monitor their protected portion through the Geographic Information System (GIS) with access to visual material of the protected property, geolocated information, graphics, statistics and more market data to keep up to date of all the news in the financial world.

The acquisition of the crypto asset grants, in turn, access to the preferential exchange of carbon credits (GBM bond) that the property generates, another alternative of green investment associated with the project, which proposes to democratize access to the carbon credit market as sustainable means to protect the planet.

The first certification of carbon credits will be carried out in 2023 and from that moment, each investor holding cryptocurrencies will have the possibility of obtaining the equivalent of the square meters associated with their token in carbon credits. At the same time, you can also buy the credits with a discount of 50% of their value before they are launched on the market.

The expectation of making a profit in the carbon credit market for cryptocurrency investors is based on a global trend: green bonds are inflated as environmental problems intensify.

GreenBond Meter Coin is associated with the idea of ​​“Natural Capital”, which will gradually become a precondition for any economic activity, even the most lucrative. Without clean air, water, or available energy, no economic activity will be possible.

Thus, GBM Coin buyers will be the pioneers of a new relationship between human and nature mediated by decentralized finance, transparency and access democracy provided by the blockchain, with traceability as an inviolable certification of that commitment.

GreenBond Meter Coin is the currency of a new world.

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