GreenBond Meter and Sumsub Partner to Save Native Forests by Securing Cryptocurrency Purchases

We are partnering with Sumsub for KYC, KYB, crypto monitoring, and video verification. Both companies are combining efforts to deliver easy, people-friendly, and safe customer verification for those who value environmental protection and lowering their carbon footprint.

We have partnered with Sumsub to make sure that criminals don’t take advantage of their environmental efforts. Sumsub’s solution provides easy, accurate, and secure verification of individuals and businesses, ensuring quick onboarding while providing sophisticated fraud defenses. Sumsub has also provided GreenBond Meter with industry-leading video identification technology as well as crypto monitoring for detecting risky buyers. Now, GreenBond Meter has dependable tools for reviewing suspicious cases—all backed up by legitimate reasons for account rejection. Plus, GreenBond Meter can save even more time since Sumsub automatically generates reports to regulators.

“We felt very inspired by GreenBond Meter’s efforts to link fintech and ecology. Dealing with crypto investments, it’s important to verify the purchaser very carefully and following local regulations to avoid non-compliance and related fines. We are happy to ensure GreenBond Meter’s compliance with worldwide verification guidelines so that they can focus on protecting native forests and natural biodiversity.”—Jacob Sever, Founder of Sumsub.

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