GreenBond Meter and GreenCross UK are now working together

In 2019 every 6 seconds, Planet Earth lost an area of ​​virgin forest equivalent to a football stadium. In just 1 minute, ten stadiums.

The joint work and wrought alliances with key players define GreenBond Meter (GBM), the first cryptocurrency based on carbon credits, which seeks to protect natural capital.

In this matter, Heimdall Technologies OÜ, GBM’s founding company based in Estonia, signed a collaboration agreement with the Green Cross branch in the United Kingdom (GC-UK).

GBM will implement a Climate Positive Sustainable Infrastructure (CPSI) program, developed by Green Cross, which contemplates the design of a sustainable platform and encourages entities to compensate for their environmental impact.

“The election of GC-UK as an ally is based on its contribution to caring for the environment. Our intention is to unite the world of virtual money with the environmental preservation”, says Juan Nuñez, CEO of GBM.

In the words of Ruy Campos-Dugone, Executive Director at GC-UK, “GBM combines the traceability of green finance’s secure digital technology with sustainable development”.

The GBM project starts in Argentina with 25,000 hectares, but involves one million hectares globally. Each square meter is represented by 1 GBM Coin, capable of absorbing carbon dioxide, thus accessing a cutting-edge financial option that protects the environment.

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