Technology, Security and Environment, the foundations that make GBM a pioneering and innovative company

Identity verification codes, anti-laundering and fraud control systems and real-time monitoring tools of the portion of the biosphere that is protected with the purchase of each token support the entire ecosystem of the digital currency designed by entrepreneurs Argentines based on a global alliance with feet, in addition, in Estonia and Uruguay.

GreenBondMeter (GBM) is a global alliance that supports GBMcoin, crypto whose acquisition helps preserve forests or jungles threatened by deforestation.

Beyond being a digital asset to save the planet, the GBM ecosystem is built on technological support of services and functionalities.

GBM offers a comprehensive virtual currency, virtual currency exchange and virtual currency wallet service. These services achieve a very high level of security thanks to the alliances made.

Security in transactions / Alliances

GBM has Sumsub as a partner for the identification and remote verification of buyers and AML (anti-money laundering certification) verifications, whose artificial intelligence tools provide protection against fraud and prevent interactions around crypto from being trapped in credit schemes. money laundering.

As for GBM’s payment platform, its wide reach allows investors to buy on its Exchange from more than 160 countries, with 30 different fiat currencies and 80 types of crypto. For the payment platform, GBM signed an alliance with MoonPay.


The GBM wallet allows access to Bitcoin and Ethereum, as two more volatile crypto types, and also to Tether and DAI, two stablecoins that offer parity with the US dollar.

As for the Exchange, there is a market quote for the different currencies, where Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and DAI can be exchanged with each other and with GBM. Not so GBM with the other four, since the green crypto is in the capitalization phase.

Identity Verification on the platform

Both the wallet and the Exchange can be operated from the desktop platform that is on the web

The desktop and the application are subjected to an authentication process called “two-factor”, in this case through Google Authenticator, an application created by Google that serves to provide codes that verify identity.

Green investments, environmental protection and technology

With GreenBond Meter Coin, each user who acquires a token will be collaborating with the preservation of one m2 of forest or jungle <carbon sinks, in general,> out of a total of one million hectares in ten countries of the world.

Each investor who acquires a GBM, after accrediting the token in their account, accesses a button within the platform to assign their GBM to the square meters they choose, which are unique and unrepeatable. Through the Geographic Information System (GIS), another technology implemented by GBM, the user will have an interactive tool with which he will “paint” from any device, a hexagon for each square meter he chooses and will be able to follow its evolution based on 1200 parameters that the system analyzes, such as humidity, temperature, captured carbon, biomass.

The information provided by GIS on the evolution of the terrain will be stored in files distributed through IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

The acquisition of the crypto asset will, in turn, generate a carbon bond (GBM bond), another green investment alternative associated with the project.

A system of security cameras connected to the Internet will be installed on the protected land. The cameras can detect sources of fire, infrared vision, heat sensor, among other benefits that serve for prevention.

It is planned to install a Monitoring Center for the cameras in each property. The idea is that the control of the terrain is 24 x7. This monitoring will be carried out by the cameras installed, by an overflight of drones and trained personnel that will be available to intervene in the face of any deliberate attempt of environmental damage, such as hunting or poaching, or in the event of an accident, to enter information. constantly to GIS and the database.

All periodic photogrammetric data on carbon measurement and other indicators will be validated, in turn, by Ecosecurities, another GBM partner, and one of the most prestigious environmental service providers in the world.

Green crypto. Energy saving

GBMcoin is designed on the Ethereum blockchain, which represents an energy saving of approximately 75% against Bitcoin, an extremely relevant figure in a context where there is widespread concern about the large cost of electricity that mining cryptocurrencies entail.

Ethereum, the blockchain that supports GBM, has already launched Ethereum 2.0, which replaces the algorithmic system PoW (Proof of Work) as a validation method to now incorporate PoS (Proof of Stake), which is even much more energy efficient since it does not require mining.

GBM is also outside this process since it was “pre-mined”, that is, it was issued directly by the developer and its cryptos can only be acquired through a purchase or allocation process determined by the developer to be used in carrying out transactions or operations related to the objective of the person who develops them and within their community.

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