GBM is a simplified and transparent solution

Today we hear a lot about climate change, global warming and, its dramatic consequences (rising sea levels, natural disasters, loss of the biosphere, etc.) but very little is known about how to help mitigate these effects and comply with the Carbon Neutral Goals.
The companies carry out activities that emit CO2, either from their own activity or from those carried out by their suppliers. The former can be controlled and reduced with a corporate policy, the latter (those of the suppliers) are more difficult to control. By the sum of both is that companies can generate a carbon footprint of great environmental impact.
GBM provides an innovative solution to offset the company’s carbon footprint simply and transparently.

• GBM estimated the number of hectares that the company should protect to offset its carbon footprint.
• The company receives the number of tokens corresponding to the protected hectares (GBM coin or GBM Land).
• In the GIS technology maps, the company may carry out eco-branding actions by communicating to its users/consumers its commitment to the environment.
• Companies holding GBM tokens will be able to access the carbon credits generated from the preservation at preferential values.

Reduce and offset your carbon footprint with GBM, a project that seeks to protect 300 million hectares of biosphere around the world.

Learn more about GBM at

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