Eco Branding

The importance of caring for the environment is increasingly evident. The planet’s resources are limited and being aware of their care is everyone’s responsibility. And this includes brands.

People are more and more committed to the environment, which is why ecological marketing strategies are becoming increasingly important in all types of businesses.

In these plans, the protection of nature and sustainability play a very important role and the objective is focused on offering products and services with an environmental value that allows improving the position in the market.

This type of business is highly appreciated by users and customers certain consumers make all their purchase decisions based on the sustainability and ecological commitment of the brand.

77% of consumers say that the sustainable practices of brands influence their purchasing decisions even if the final price is slightly more expensive.

Eco-branding tries to make sustainability a fundamental pillar of any activity, product or action carried out by an entity with the following objectives: reduce its impact or ecological footprint, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes, optimize resources and reduce the costs.

If the brand identifies with some cause, it must join it and support it. Fight against pollution and climate change or in favor of the protection of endangered and native species as an example. Promoting an environmental cause as own will positively contribute to the perception that consumers will have about the brand.

Another green marketing strategy is to offset emissions that cannot be reduced by improving processes or promoting changes. Buying carbon credit through investments in ecosystem restoration or biodiversity conservation projects will be an excellent corporate positioning strategy. The actions you take locally have a global impact.

Companies, associations, foundations, and NGOs that are committed to the environment do a job that the population appreciates and wants to know, thus it is essential to show what the brand is working on, have visibility and grow.

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