GBM closed a seed round led by Draper Cygnus

GBM (Greenbond Meter), the ECO – FINTECH creator of the first virtual environment for the regeneration of nature through an innovation platform based on web3 and decentralization for the preservation of endangered ecosystems, closed a seed round led by Draper Cygnus. Tim Draper, a legendary Silicon Valley investor, is one of the main partners of the fund.

“As a Venture Fund, our thesis is to support those entrepreneurs who run innovation platforms based on web3 and decentralization, pillars of the next paradigms, taking advantage of frontier technology and innovation to change our society towards sustainability. GBM was on this path and with a degree of progress in its development that is above the average for similar experiences”

Daniel Salvucci, partner of Draper Cygnus.

The genesis of GBM has an international team – Argentina, Estonia, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay, and the United States- who decide to thrive this ambitious project to recover the native biosphere and natural capital worldwide.

GBM is developed on an ecosystem of technologies (AI, blockchain and GSI) that redesigns the relationship between human beings and biodiversity, offering collaboration and protection systems without intermediaries.

The GBM initiative has already preserved 250,000,000m2 of Atlantic forest that currently absorbs 200,000 tons of CO2e per year. The objective set is the regeneration of 300 million hectares worldwide equivalent to 1.5 billion tons per year of CO2e.

“We are very excited about the entrance of Draper Cygnus, because, in addition to tack on all its experience in a startup process, it gives us a decisive validation and confirms that we are on the right track”

Juan Nuñez, CEO of GBM.

After a due diligence process, the venture capital (Draper Cygnus) verified the strength of the project and ratified its interest in investing funds in projects such as GBM that is aimed at solving deep problems of humanity through convergent technologies. and innovative business models.

“As part of our investment thesis, we see an opportunity in the application of new and current technologies as tools to reshape the way we manage our life on earth and the resources we use”

Ignacio Plaza, Co-Founder Draper Cygnus.

At the beginning of 2021, the agreement with Ecosecurities, one of the most prestigious environmental service providers in the world, granted GBM the feasibility of more than 200 thousand tons per year of CO2e in its GS1 reserve of Atlantic Forest.

Draper Cygnus led the seed round, closing the purchase of 23% of the company for an initial investment of 1 million dollars. With the entrance of Draper Cygnus, GBM will multiply its spectrum of action and influence in the fight against climate change.

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