GBM works on sustainable forest management projects with a positive impact on the environment and a strong social focus

Pablo Gallardo comments on the work that his team is doing in the field, and describes that the main task is to survey the work in the territory in order to comply with the CCV VERRA 3.1 standards.

Pablo Gallardo, our team leader, comments on the work his team is doing in the field and describes that their main task is to survey the work in the territory to comply with the CCV VERRA 3.1 standards.
Currently, social carbon projects are being developed to strengthen forest management, the recovery of native knowledge, the gender approach in forest management, or the place that women occupy in participation and local associativism.
Pablo Gallardo is leading a task force to work with the communities of native people, small rural producers and providers of different forest services. In a word, his scope of work is the entire social fabric in the area of GBM’s project.
As part of the development of the project, GBM signed an agreement to initiate the Free and Informed consultation process in a Guaraní village. GBM is the first company in history in Misiones province to organize it.
Consultation processes with indigenous people is an international obligation of the States by the provisions of ILO Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal People and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.
Consultation is a democratic mechanism for decision-making, an international obligation of fulfilment by States and a right of indigenous people.
The consultation must be in good faith and within a process that generates trust between the parties. That’s why we’re working on a public consultation plan for all of the places surrounding the GS1 Reserve. The scope of the consultation seeks mutual understanding and consensus in decision-making.
PABLO GALLARDO, a sociologist by profession, details that the short-term objective is to draft the Project Description to present and complete carbon emission verification.
In the medium and long term, work is being done on projects that improve strengthen the natural capital, economic and financial capital, human and social capital of local populations through improved forest management projects. This not only helps countries meet climate goals but also reduces poverty.
In order to achieve reliable data and in the next schedule, a census will be carried out in rural areas and in the following agenda, a meeting has been programmed to collect information and design projects.
The fundamental work of this team consists of carrying out, together with the local population, the process of Free and Informed Prior Consultation with impact evaluation. In this, issues such as governance, institutionality, transparency in the management of forest resources come together and at the same time, everything related to citizen participation and the scientific approach of the communities is united.
The GBM initiative aims for carbon projects to have a strong social focus. A fundamental step of this initiative is to achieve certification to emit carbon credits.
Obtaining a certification that is mentioned above will allow all lines of work to be consolidated into one, ensuring the project’s solvency from the very beginning.

Interview with Pablo Gallardo / Task Force at Reserve GS1 / Institutional Relations – Corporate Social Responsibility at GBM

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