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GBM closed a seed round led by Draper Cygnus

GBM (Greenbond Meter), the ECO - FINTECH creator of the first virtual environment for the regeneration of nature through an innovation platform based on web3 and decentralization for the preservation of endangered ecosystems, closed a seed round led by Draper Cygnus. Tim Draper, a legendary Silicon Valley investor, is one of the main partners of the fund.
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How NFTs can create value

By creating a system of verifiable digital ownership NFTs fundamentally changed the market for digital assets, creating the possibility for new types of transactions. Amidst a flood of new ventures, however, it can be hard to tell which are creating value and which are just riding the hype. The companies that have been most successful on this new frontier have a few things in common: They make meaningful use of the NFT technology itself, leverage a community of users, generate confidence that they can continue executing on the project to maintain ongoing community engagement, offer accessible “on-ramps” for new users, and are able to weather crypto market.
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What is Tokenomics? The token economy

One of the revolutionary concepts introduced by tokens is that of tokenomics or token economics. This concept is based on convincing users or investors of a project that the token derived from it can help build a sustainable economic ecosystem.
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Crypto Glossary

Bitcoin: A user-to-user electronic cash system. Bitcoin with a capital B refers to the decentralized payment protocol and platform.…
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