Carbon Credits Certificates are here to stay

Speaking in a richly insightful and thought-provoking interview, Ricardo Morales Bosch, Director of Operations, Emissions and Commercialization at GBM, offers tips on the key things to keep in mind when making an investment decision.

I: What would you suggest to someone making their first investment, in order to have a good experience?

RMB: Before you can begin investing, you should first have an understanding of how to avoid focusing on risks. You need to have a simple risk diversification, which requires having assets divided into three parts. One-third is in investments one knows or masters, another-third is in a higher-risk investment, and another-third is held in liquid form for opportunities. It’s kind of like a financial maxim. 

One more tip I’d make is learning and gaining knowledge, not being an expert but being a good trader. This, goes for any market, as would apply to the stock market (which has existed for over a century). You need to know the fundamentals of technical analysis, understand when to enter and when to exit. 

I: Following this advice, where should anyone look their information up? 

RMB: Information is free and very easily accessible these days. We can grasp the basics of what blockchain is and how it works without having to go through this jargon-laden explanation as to why blockchain could potentially turn people off.

I: Once they are aware of the options and features, what is the next step?

RMB: This is why you need to find a business model that is inherently attractive to you in some way and feels like it’s going to help you build your wealth. Also one needs to maintain the conviction that with this investment you aren’t going to lose anything. These broad questions should apply to any type of investment (real estate, stock market, higher-risk investments).

I: What should be considered about the business model before making an investment decision?  

Crypto coins always have a business model behind them that serves their purpose. Therefore, it is important to know about the business model behind this cryptocurrency because crypto will be growing in value on the market as long as their demand is higher than the supply.

I: How does that demand come about? 

RMB: It’s built on the business model behind crypto. As in the case of GBM, its business model is based on environmental remediation via sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon is measured at the beginning and end of the 1-year period and for every deviation, Carbon Credit Certificates are issued. These Carbon Credit Certificates are in high demand among the countries making up the Kyoto Protocol. These countries are the ones that have the greatest environmental impacts as they release carbon into the atmosphere through their heavy industries. 

I: Please, tell us a little more about the GBM Project. 

RMB:  According to their vision, the idea behind the GBM coin is to have carbon sinks on all five continents and in more than ten countries. So the offering that we’re about to put together is global and offers investors that purchase GBMcoin some great investments.

I: What is GBMCone’s value?

It is being sold today for USD 1.09 and, holders of this currency will be able to acquire at 50% price of a Carbon Credit Certificate. The value of which will be a factor in determining the value of GBMcoin. In other words, GBM crypto goes hand-in-hand with the value of the bonds. That is,  by investing in GBM’s currency, the user agreeing to purchase a Carbon Credit Certificate already makes a difference only for that transaction. 

I: For the sake of summary, outside of the investment potential, what other benefit could you possibly list?

RMB: People invest their savings, but this is also deferred consumption. Then the investments also have to keep some liquidity. That is, being able to dispose of the money from that investment quickly is the most attractive of investments that allow a quick exit. These investments are very liquid, one can enter and exit in real-time from the cell phone. 

The system is very safe and agile due to the disintermediation that exists.  The parties can operate without a third party, it only remains for them to agree on the conditions and values to carry out the transaction. 

I: To wrap up, what would you like to highlight about the GBM project?

RMB: The important thing about this project is that it shows the social responsibility that we all need today.

It is necessary to generate mitigation processes that do not go against sources of employment or cause economic and social imbalances.

Ricardo Morales Bosch | Director of Operations, Emissions and Commercialization at GBM

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