GBM at Block World Tour Cartagena 2022

The Block World Tour (BWT) is a technological and multicultural event that has established itself in Spain after eight editions since 2018 touring the Iberian Peninsula, from South to North and from East to West, covering the different technological aspects of the 21st century and in where users and companies meet to receive information on certain products and technological advances.

At BWT technological innovations, new developments and academic talks will be presented. Workshops conducted by great experts will be held aimed at new users and users with great specialization. The days before the event will be a series of conferences in educational institutions in the city to convey to young people the importance of this technology and the possibilities of personal and professional development that are a reality at the moment.

In addition it will include discussion pannels in which the great protagonists that surround the blockchain industry in the regulatory, finance and legal development issues. They will have a fundamental role to advance in solving and reaching the necessary quorum to strengthen this technology in a city like Cartagena open to technological advances and its modern society.

Within the framework of this Congress, Federico Fallet and Javier Ortiz Artiñano will be speaking on behalf of GBM and will present the tokenization project for degraded lands to restore and protect their biodiversity.

From the Virtuality BA Fair, GBM’s CEO Juan Nuñez will be via streaming presenting the goals achieved by GBM and the scalability of this project with the incorporation of new lands.

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