GBM chooses to develop a subnet in Avalanche for being the most sustainable network

GBM sealed an agreement with Avalanche for its implementation and will soon launch its fungible tokens for public sale on EMDX, a derivative DEX with a regulated compliant zone within EMDX. On the other hand, The NFTs will be published within some Marketplaces compatible with the network. The effective date of listing will be communicated very soon.

GBM started in 2020, as a full-stack startup based on natural assets powered by web3 technology that provides a simplified solution to two of the greatest problems that humanity faces today: the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity.

In addition to achieving a seed round led by Draper Cygnus of one million dollars, its first steps were financed with seed and private sales of GBM tokens.

In March 2022, GBM presented publicly to the crypto community its initiative for Argentina and the world at Espacio Bitcoin in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Just two months later, GBM announces the launch of its tokens for public sale on Avalanche, the most sustainable blockchain in the world. The announcement will take place today at the Virtuality event in Buenos Aires and the Block World Tour in Cartagena, Spain.

GBM is in the process of generating its fungible and non-fungible tokens developing a subnet with the support of Avalanche and other validators.

Avalanche is the fastest smart-contract platform in the blockchain industry, measured by completion time, and has the largest number of validators under a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism to secure blockchain activity more than any other network.

With the development of this subnet within Avalanche, GBM will achieve an incredibly fast, low-cost and sustainable experience for their users.

This initiative seeks to create a favorable environment for the environmental and the crypto community committed to the planet where the traceability of environmental actions and the tokenization of assets is achieved in an easy and secure way.

GBM is already restoring 245 million meters of the forest by rescuing it from deforestation.

GBM plans to scale its model to millions of hectares around the world.

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